In 1962, the Cassel family business began as Selfin Sunfish Rental, sharing the love of sailing with the Island community. More sailing? Small sloops were added and the name changed to Selfin Sailing Center. Rentals, lessons, sales. Next? Windsurfing!! Followed by paddle and wave power: kayaks, canoes, surf boards. Then, paddleboarding arrived! Something for everyone.

Other separate activities included operating the adjacent Portside Restaurant for 17 years. After expanding sales, we opened the store at the Tisbury Marketplace, with the name changed to Wind’s Up! Swim and other sports plus fashion wear, wetsuits, accessories and skateboards!

Then, after 9 years, we zeroed our whole focus back to the water, while the Portside building became the store.

Three generations of family, family friends, friend’s friends and all our Wind’s Up! family have been, and remain, committed to sharing the adventure, exploration, and yes, tranquility, to be founds in natural water sports. Our customers become part of this family, too. WELCOME ABOARD!!

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